The uri is a Node resource identifier, containing all necessary parts needed to make a djedi node request.

i18n://[email protected]/home/body.md#draft

[scheme] :// [namespace] @ [path] . [extension] # [version]


The scheme uri part sets the scope to look within for the given node path.

Possible schemes:

  • i18n

    Internationalization scope; defining languages

  • l10n

    Local scope; defining regions or flavors, not affected by language

  • g11n

    Global scope; defining global non namespaced uris


Each scheme contains at least one namespace, for example the i18n scheme uses the namespace as a locale, determining which language to use.


The path is a unique node key within the given namespace and scheme.


The extension resolves which plugin to use for content management.


Nodes supports revisioning, and the version part represents a version number or string.

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